Visit Anzio and surrounding
The city of "Antium" shows the marks of different historical epochs in which was protagonist..

In ancient times, it was for long the Volsci’s capital, then a safe harbor for Cicero's return from exile, where he decided to reorganize what was left of his library, and finally birthplace for Caligula and Nero. It was this last one to imprint the more obvious traces of his passage: in fact they are still visible the accessible ruins of the port he built, as well as the remains of his villa, near the Silence Arch.
Other archaeological finding of absolute importance were found here and today the are held in major museums: the Maiden of Anzio at the Palazzo Massimo, the Borghese Gladiator at the Louvre, the Apollo Belvedere at the Vatican.

In contemporary times was the scene of an important historic event: the landing of the Allies in the Italian peninsula, January 22, 1944, which was the beginning of the liberation from German occupation. To commemorate the event, the Museum of the Landing can be visited at the complex of Villa Adele, where you will find battle plans, uniforms, photographs, weapons and more.
Besides the museum, it could be particularly interesting to visit the two military cemeteries, including one English and one American, in nearby Neptune.

If interested in the heritage landscape, you should visit Tor Caldara (WWF natural reserve), and Torre Astura, once refuge for Conradin of Svevia, characterized by the Tower overlooking the evergreen forests.

For nightlife, the ideal place is the Village of Neptune, where the medieval architecture is combined to a multitude of bars, restaurants, pizzerias and small shops open even after-dinner.
Rail stations
Railway station: Anzio Colonia 500 meters / Anzio 1 km
Ports: Anzio 1.5 km / Nettuno 3 km
Fiumicino Airport 50 km / Ciampino Airport 40 km
Bus stop
Cotral bus stop at 200 meters (bus to Rome Eur Rome Laurentina, Pomezia, Neptune, Torvajanica)
Rome 40 Km / 30 Km Castelli Romani
Naples 200 km
Center of Anzio and shops 1 km
Commercial area
Shopping center and restaurants 500 meters
Archaeological area
Archaeological areas (Nero's caves and villa) 200 meters
Museum of the landing at Anzio
Museum of the landing at Anzio 1 Km
Borghese pine forest
Borghese pine forest (residence of Prince Borghese) 2 Km
Medieval town
Medieval town of Nettuno (Neptune) 3 km
English cemetery at 700 meters / American cemetery at 2 km / German cemetery at 25 km (Pomezia)
Car rental
Car rental 1 km
Boats rental
Rent boats and watercraft
Sailing school
Sailing courses
Windsurfing school
Windsurfing school
Diving Center
Diving Center
Riding school
Horse riding at 5 Km